Friday, April 16, 2010

~ Realiti Sebuah Kehidupan (A Cat Story) ~

Two cats decide to marry... They have sweet marriage lifeThey got the first babyAnd the second
First step for their baby Father worked hard for his family needs
And the mom gets to play and has a boyfriendThe children grow up without care and become bad boys
One of them became terrorist

The other stays in night clubs

The small one decided to kill himself

When dad heard that, he got heart attack

Grandpa can't see any more after he misses vision
Mom lost her mind and became crazy...

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Amaya said...


Amaya said...

mne update weyh...ader byk sarang spiderman da ni...

zhie xi (^_^) said...

HAHAHAHA...gelak guling2.. :D ...thumbs-up!

MONAT © 2010 said...

hahahah~ nasib baek aku bukan keturunan kucen nie! haahaha :P!